Pyramid Productions

Publisher of (Neuro)psychological Computer Tests in The Netherlands
with high quality tests and the best service.
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Uitgever van (neuro)psychologische computer tests en handige digitale tools voor persoonlijke groei
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Pyramid Productions was founded by neuropsychologist Feri Kovács in 2002. It started as the smallest publisher in neuropsychological tests in the Netherlands.

Under Products (English) you can find what tests are currently available. You are invited to download the FREE manuals of the tests to see whether these tests are suitable to your clinical or research work.

TRY before you BUY: The Tests can be downloaded and installed as a fully working DEMO. This DEMO only works for a couple of days but you can then really experience how these computerized neuropsychological tests work. Please read the installation manual and the Test manual to get started.

If you have an active Internet connection it will be very simple to install the tests as a DEMO (but please read the installation manual).
The tests are secured by Copyminder (

Personal mission

Born in 1964, Feri Kovács studied psychology and specialized in neuropsychology in Nijmegen. Did some research in the Health Care Addiction unit in Venlo, completed his PhD research in Maastricht and Hoensbroek and developed several neuropsychological tests to be used on a Windows computer.

His aim is to constantly improve the battery of available tests in the field of neuropsychology. Furthermore, the help to people with brain injury should be improved as well. Finally, he tries to correct erroneous ideas people might have about psychology and neuropsychology. He does that by expanding his website

Excellent service

Pyramid Productions wants to offer the highest possible service to his customers and is only satisfied whenever they are. That is why all tests can be installed FREE as a DEMO and they are fully functional for a couple of days. So you can test these programmes in your pace.

The helpdesk can only be reached via the Contact Form but in exceptional cases help can be given via Teamviewer.

International DELIVERY of the tests takes place ONLY via downloads on this website! Customers have to download and install the purchased tests by themselves. Please download and read the Test Installation manual first.