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The Tower of London Test is a well known executive (planning) test and sensitive to serious planning problems. Administration and scoring is very simple, and it still is one of the best executive tests around.

UNIQUE: The TLT can also detect reduced effort. Unique in a executive task (see the Manual you can download for FREE).

UPDATE 17-11-2019: Latest version is 4.0.2.

  1. The TLT is normed for the first 12 items (the original Shallice task) for more than 700 neurological patients and for more than 250 healthy controls.
  2. Measures (pre)planning and impulsivity more intelligently and accurately than other Tower tests (no hinder of motor impairments)
  3. Main TLTscore variable (range 0-100%) follows a normal distribution and truly represents difficulty of planning process

Figure 1. TLT stimulus screen

Figure 2. TLT test results per item (here in Dutch)

Figure 3. TLT results compared to different norm groups (here in Dutch)

Figure 4. TLT results with a step-by-step guided interpretation