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TOSSA: The Test of Sustained Attention is a very sensitive and very well normed attention test. Over 1100 neurological patients have been tested with the TOSSA and it is very sensitive to brain damage and attentional problems. Healthy controls have no problem with the TOSSA at all.

The test takes 8 minutes and currently is one of the best attention tests available. It easily surpasses the Stroop Color-Word Test or the Trail Making test in sensitivity. It has virtually no test-retest effects so it can be administered repeatedly. It can also be used for language or visually impaired patients.

UNIQUE: TOSSA automatically calculates different profiles that help interpret the data. There are profiles for the extremely fatigued and most importantly: the TOSSA is able to detect reduced effort, differentiating it from the efforts of the 1100 neurological patients. One of the very few attention tests that can detect malingering!

Figure 1. Test results per minute

Figure 3. TOSSA results interpretation step-by-step guidance

Figure 2. TOSSA test results compared to different norm groups

Download here the TOSSA and its Manual